Oreos are a STAPLE in most American households and everyone always seems to get so excited when a new flavor is released (whether it is good or not). Now, if you are an OG like me and love the original flavor and don't have much care for the new ones, you probably don't care about a new mystery flavor coming out Monday... but what if I told you if you guessed the new flavor you could win $50,000? Are you in?

Yeah, that is a sure fire way to get people excited about a new flavor of Oreos coming out. The Oreo company tried a "Mystery Flavor" promotion a few years ago that ended with a not so popular flavor of Fruity Pebbles (let's just say Fruity Pebbles and chocolate cookies DO NOT go together). Well, the "Mystery Flavor" promotion is back and this time if you guess the new flavor hitting the stores Monday you will be entered to win $50,000! Let's just hope the new flavor turns out a little better than Fruity Pebbles.

Give it a guess on MysteryOreo.com!

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