Over the past year, we've seen the number of traffic cameras in Northeastern Iowa gradually increase. Residents of one town here in the Cedar Valley are getting their very first traffic camera. So, you better slow down and watch out.

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In late June, it was reported by the Fayette County Newspaper, that the city of West Union was close to completing the assembly of a new traffic camera. This speed camera would soon become active after wiring work reached completion.

Traffic Camera with Lights

The new speed camera is currently set up on Highway 150 along the southern part of town. After the news came out about this new traffic camera, officials admitted that there would be a 30 day grace period.

So, if you went a bit over the speed limit during the month of July in West Union, then you are essentially in the clear. However, this grace period for traffic law violations has concluded. Thus, citations will now be issued to anyone who violates traffic laws and gets caught on camera.

News of this came out on the West Union, Iowa Police Department's Facebook page earlier this month.

This may be the first traffic camera in the town, but it certainly won't be the last!

Officials say another camera is expected to go up very soon. This traffic monitor will be placed along North Pine Street in West Union. There is no word on the official start day for this camera, but the same 30- day grace period will be offered once the camera is up and running.

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