Many have called Busch Light 'Iowa water'. Whatever you call a 30-pack, you can now call it good for Iowa farmers.

Busch Light, who's parent company is Anheuser-Busch, is donating $1 for every case of their new 'Corn Cans' purchased to Farm Rescue to support according to their Twitter post (below). The company is only selling the can in a handful of locations, including, Iowa.

If you're looking for it, shouldn't be too hard to find - Busch claims it's 'growing on shelves now.' Cheers!

While Busch Light is promoting corn, sister beer Bud Light is going against use of corn syrup in beer. The company recently scored a victory in a legal battle that had competitor Molsen Coors fuming. After a 2019 Super Bowl ad featured Bud Light mocking the use of corn syrup in Miller and Coors products, Molson Coors insisted they did not have corn syrup in the finished product. According to Crain's Chicago Business, a court ruling finds Anheuser-Busch did not do anything wrong with the way they handled their Super Bowl ad.

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