This gal is in trouble.

A school bus driver in Pennsylvania named Lori Ann Mankos was arrested and is facing a litter of charges.

She was driving middle school and high school students home when she started driving erratically. She took unfamiliar turns and one of them was so outrageous that, "she ended up being halfway into the opposing lane of traffic," said one student. She became further agitated when the students starting filming her crazy driving. When the students began calling her out on her crazy driving, Mankos allegedly swore at the kids and gave them the finger.

Students have given cell phone video of the exchanges to the local police and in one of the videos, she asked them if they just wanted her to pull over and let them all call their parents to pick them up. She used words like, "Go f**k yourself" to the kids, pulled into a gas station and handed the gas station attendant the keys to the bus and walked away leaving the kids behind.

She was arrested on 26 counts of child endangerment (there were 26 students on the bus), driving under the influence, careless and reckless driving.

An ad for a new bus driver has been listed on the school district's website.

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