Unfortunately, break-ups are inevitable in everyone's life. You won't be with everyone forever until you find that special someone and unfortunately some break-ups can be kind of messy. However, it is even more complicated today because a big question that now comes up is who gets the Netflix account?

According to the Wall Street Journal, more and more people are sharing accounts such as Netflix, Hulu and Amazon Prime in order to save money. There are "family" sharing accounts which now include everyone from your parents, uncles, aunts and the guy down the street ( I mean who knows?)... it is just so much cheaper! Not only that but you can have your own profiles on one account, multiple viewers at the same time, and even only one password to remember!

Today, it's a sign that you are in a serious relationship when you decide to share one of these accounts (that's real trust right there) but what happens when you break up? Who keeps the account or has access to the password? Do you each get your own account? Or do you just continue to share it?

Well, according to the WSJ article, more couples are continuing to share their accounts YEARS from when they broke up? Wow, there must not have been much hostility during those break ups. But why not just get a new one? Well, exes say it is too much work, difficult and time consuming to go through cancelling an account and credit cards only to open another one. Also, it is much cheaper and you really don't have to have contact with your ex in order to use your account.

What about you? Would you share an account after a breakup?

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