Residents of Black Hawk County: Will you get a COVID vaccine? You're being asked, if you live or work in the county, to take a 28 question survey from the Black Hawk County Health Department. You can skip certain questions, and no privet information will be gathered.

You can take the counties survey here.

There's almost no doubt the first rounds of the vaccine will be available in weeks, very likely before Christmas. KWWL reports Iowa is predicted to vaccinate frontline and healthcare workers first. While a concrete plan is likely to come in the middle of December for emergency use authorization by the FDA. It's very likely seniors and those with pre-existing conditions would also be at or near the front of the vaccine line. Currently, it appears both Pfizer and Moderna's COVID vaccines have the best chance to goin FDA approval. Pfizer's vaccine is quite fragile as it must be stored at temperatures well below freezing, around 94 degrees below zero Fahrenheit.

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