Spring is here, and heaven knows WE DESERVE IT here in Iowa, and al across the midwest for that region. But my friend, alas... There's FIVE things that can ruin an Iowa spring. I caution you to be aware of said things...


They are:

1. Allergies. Bless you. Seriously, for some, these can be crippling.

2. Unpredictable weather. It did JUST snow last weekend, remember. Oy.

3. Heat.Haven't had the oppressive stuff just yet. But, it's Iowa. It could be 90 with 1300% humidity.

4. Our work schedules. Needless to say, chirping birds go from charming to taunting if you're stuck inside all day. That's just mean, birds.

5. How much things cost. Some spring/summer activities can be pricey. Traveling to Adventure Land, the Dells, or a ball game in Chicago or Minneapolis adds up. Especially if gas prices don't cooperate. Still, it's nice to be able to drive without going grandma speeds and 'white knuckling' it the whole way, right?

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