Whether you're a fan of snow this time of the year or not, dealing with snow is just a way of life for the people of Iowa during the winter months. Some people love having snow around the holidays and others wish it stayed 75 degrees year-round. Whether you like having snow or not, driving in it, shoveling it, or snow-blowing it is something Iowans deal with every year.

It's possible you could be fined for doing this with snow when it falls. No, I'm not talking about throwing snowballs at passing cars, which could result in you being convicted of manslaughter, so definitely never do that. I'm talking about when you're clearing snow off your driveway or walkways. You see people doing this all the time after a heavy snowfall and if you're caught doing this, it can cost you a pretty penny.

Unsplash - Todd Trapani
Unsplash - Todd Trapani

Cleaning Snow From Your Driveway

This is something I've never really thought about doing as I always just assumed you didn't do this out of common courtesy. I didn't really think about possibly getting fined for it or receiving an even worse penalty. Did you know you can receive a pretty hefty fine if you push snow from your yard or driveway into the road? Not only can you receive a fine but you could be held liable for an accident caused by snow you send into the street.

According to Black Hawk County Iowa, "the Iowa Code prohibits the pushing of snow from yards and driveways across the road leaving deposits of snow on the roadway. Anyone who does this may be held liable for accidents caused because of the snow."

This offense can be punishable by a penalty of $500 and up to $750 for any repeat offenders. The Black Hawk County Engineer requests you do your part in helping to keep the roadways safe and cleared of snow.

The reason I bring this up is mostly for when you're clearing the snow at the end of your driveway. When you're almost done and trying to finish the job it can be pretty convenient to just send piles of snow into the street and just assume a city snow plow will take care of it. As much as you may just want to hurry up and finish clearing off the snow, you still have to remember to be careful where you're tossing it.

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