There's a lot of great menu items at area fast food restaurants. From healthy to, kinda healthy to, once in a while it's ok, to HOLY WOW those calories. But there's also a lot of items people rave about, but most of us have never even tried. Some are borderline secret menu items spread through word of mouth, others are simply items many forget even exist.

Nikolay Trubnikov

(You won't find a standard taco on this list)

I scoured the web including Reddit find fast food menu items people dig, but that aren't the most commonly ordered. Example, there's no mention of a Big Mac or Whopper here because everyone already knows about 'em.


(No Big Macs on this list either.)

Instead of the most popular items, here's menu items you may not be familiar with that you need to try.

These Are The BEST Fast Food Menu Items That You Are Not Ordering

These are the best menu items at Cedar Valley fast food restaurants. I compiled this list from Reddit reviews and personal taste, too. See if you agree.

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