Do you remember the thing that scared you the most when you were a kid? Have you grown out of that as an adult or are you still afraid to look under your bed? When I was younger I remember being afraid of being left somewhere or getting lost.

Whether that was the grocery store or a little league baseball game, I had this crazy idea my parents would just forget me and leave me there forever. They may have wanted to... but thankfully they never did.

I also had/still have this weird fear of fish. When I was around 5 years old my brother, dad, and I were fishing at our hunting shack. I had my little Mickey Mouse fishing pole, I went out to the dock, and I reeled in a monster (tiny) bullhead. Not knowing any better I went to grab the fish, missed, and one of its barbs hit me in the face. I clearly had great coordination at a young age.

I thought my entire life was over. I don't think it even poked me very hard and I don't remember it breaking any skin but it hurt just enough for me to cry my eyes out. Ever since fish aren't really my thing. I'll swim in a lake and I don't worry about them being around but if my buddies ask me to go fishing I just bring a case of beer and hang out with them on the boat. I have zero desire to catch or even hold a fish ever again.

I asked Iowans what they were afraid of growing up and got all kinds of different answers.

Things Iowans Were Afraid of When They Were Young

Things Iowans Were Afraid of When They Were Young

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