So how many brewskies does it take before you tell friends that you're 'feeling no pain'?

A recent survey says it takes the average Iowan 3.48 beers. Even our neighbors to the north in Minnesota beat us with an average of 3.67 beers. Heck, ALL our neighbors can handle more booze. The top five were Maine (3.88 beers), Wisconsin (3.88 beers) and Missouri (3.87 beers). South Dakota was 3.75 beers. The national average is 3.45 beers., who conducted the survey, isn't celebrating this info, but they say it's good to know your limits when you go out, presumably so you don't do anything stupid. And as always it's worth repeating NEVER drink and drive.

As part of the survey they also found that 14% of Iowans felt drunk after just one beer. Pshaw.

The state with the lowest tolerance level? California. Must be all those wine drinkers...

Check out how all 50 states did by seeing the full story here. And as always, please drink responsibly this weekend.

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