Well it wouldn't be 2020 if we don't set some scary records in Iowa when it comes to driving right? You would think with quarantine, the pandemic and less travel and more people staying home that road safety would actually increase in Iowa but unfortunately for the month of August it looks like safety has gone the wrong way.

According to KWWL, August 2020 has become one of the deadliest months on Iowa roads in the past decade. In fact, August 2020 has tied for second for the highest fatalities on Iowa roads in the past decade with 51 fatalities in August. This ties August of 2015 which also saw 51 fatalities. Within the past decade the highest number of fatalities on the road was in August of 2010 when there were 56 fatalities.

Anyone else see a pattern here with August? I think I may be avoiding Iowa roads in August from now on. Although many believed that there would be less issues on the road with the pandemic going on, Iowa State Patrol has said they have seen an increase in speeding tickets for people going 100 mph or more.

Here is your reminder to always be safe and follow the rules of the road because this is what could save your life. Drive safe!

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