Netflix has found a new way to make sure you are using their accounts.... they will start cancelling accounts that have not been used within a year. It's basically the modern way to ask, "Are you still watching?"

According to Netflix, they have announced this week that they will start cancelling accounts that have not been used in a year. Basically if you have a subscription that has not been used within this time, Netflix will be sending emails to these inactive users and ask them if they want to keep the membership. However if you don't respond, they will automatically cancel the subscription.

Netflix believes this will help to lighten some users bill load as they don't believe in making people pay for something they don't use. Although it is easy to cancel the account as we all know some of us just forget and then waste money on something we don't use. This is actually a very helpful move Netflix is making for it's customers.

Netflix will be reaching out to those who have not streamed anything within a year or two of subscribing. So if you want to keep your account but haven't streamed anything in awhile I suggest popping on your favorite series to binge to show you are an active user.

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