Let's be honest, decision making is hard. I mean the little decisions we make every day such as what to have for dinner or what to wear to work seem to take a lot of thought and cause some stress, but what about the big decisions?

I am talking about life decisions such as getting married, moving to a new state or even having kinds. These are some big life decisions, but what is hardest decision to make?

Well Americans were recently surveyed on what the biggest/hardest life decisions are and they came up with a Top 10 list. Are these also some of the biggest life decisions for Iowans? Check out the list below to find out if you agree with this list and how many relate to you.

1.  Whether or not to have kids.

2.  Getting married.

3.  A big move to a new home.

4.  Learning to drive.

5.  When to retire.

6.  Buying property with your significant other.

7.  Deciding to break-up when you're in a serious relationship.

8.  Figuring out how to save or spend your money.

9.  Getting a divorce.

10.  Quitting a job.

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