'Tis the season! The kids are heading back to school. But, before they do, they need school supplies. And getting all of the needed items can be very stressful. But more so than holiday shopping? How? I mean, why do we get so stressed out buying pencils and pants?

A new survey from PRNewswire asked people which is more stressful: Holiday shopping or back-to-school shopping? And believe it or not, more than one-third of people said it's back-to-school shopping was more stressful.

But how? Why? Well, here is more from the study:

1. 26% of people say they expect they'll take on some debt for back-to-school shopping this year.

2. 32% will spend MORE than they do on their holiday shopping.

3. And 23% say back-to-school shopping, quote, 'has at least somewhat damaged their relationship with their child.' What? Back-to-school shopping is destroying families? Maybe kids should just stay home for another few months, right mom and dad? 😉

(Via: PRnewsWire)

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