It's no surprise that between a global pandemic happening due to COVID-19, economic distress whatever else 2020 has decided to throw at us, people are stressed out. Stressed to the point of rising anxiety and depression rates amongst Americans.

According to a new study from Kaiser Family Foundation, mental health issues including depression and anxiety are on the rise in the U.S. In fact, since 2019 the rates for anxiety and depression has tripled in America. In June 2020, 36.5% Americans reported having symptoms of depression and anxiety which is up from the 11% who reported symptoms in 2019. Other mental health conditions have also been on the rise.

This is due, primarily, towards the pandemic and economic distress happening in the country. Those with symptoms of anxiety or depression are ones who like to have control and know what is coming next or how to plan and deal with a situation. Unfortunately, no one is sure how the outcome with be with COVID-19 or when there is an end in sight so this leads to a lot of unknowns which leads to a lot of anxiety.

It is important for people to be aware of their mental health status and take times to decompress and practice self care. Be aware of your rising anxiety and get help with needed. Also be aware of friends and loved ones because it is normally who put on a smile at all times that are suffering in silence.

Find out more information about the rising mental health crisis and how you can deal with it here.

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