Amy Grant was moved to tears by husband Vince Gill's Grammy-winning song, "When My Amy Prays."

"I've never said this, but it's the thing that kind of puts a lump in my throat," the Christian-pop singer begins emotionally while speaking to Entertainment Tonight.

"Faith has always been easy to me. For years I've asked Vince, 'Does anything make your hands go like this?'" she ponders, raising her hands in the air. The country singer answered that powerful question with the last line of the poignant ballad as he sings," And when my Amy prays / That's when my hands raise."

"So I hear it and I'm like 'Okay, you got me — I should pray more,'" she says with a laugh.

"When My Amy Prays" is featured on Gill's 15th studio album, Okie, which debuted inside the Top 10 on the Billboard Top Country Albums chart following its 2019 release. The song was named Best Country Solo Performance at the 2021 Grammy Awards.

Grant also offers an update on her recovery process from heart surgery in 2020: She originally was going to the hospital with her husband as moral support for a checkup after he was getting short of breath walking up the stairs. But during the appointment, the doctor also asked her for a health update and urged her to get checked out, as well. Grant underwent several tests and got a call from the doctor days later with results showing she had a life-threatening birth defect called partial anomalous pulmonary venous return that had gone previously undiagnosed.

Grant says she's had a "fantastic" recovery process since the surgery.

"It feels good to feel good," the 60-year-old reports.

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