It's hard to believe that we are a little over a week away from Independence day! Where has the summer gone? I know officially summer has just started but it feels like we are in the never-ending summer since march due to the pandemic and quarantine. We have all been stuck inside and are looking for a celebration to enjoy.

The next big celebration would normally be Independence Day. Normally we would all be going to big celebrations spending money on travel, food, music and fireworks of course but as well know 2020 is not a normal year. So what are we all doing on Independence day this year?

According to a new survey from WalletHub, we won't be doing much celebrating this 4th of July if your spending habits are any indication. 78% of Americans are spending less money this 4th of July than years past and not only that but 74% of Americans will not be traveling for 4th of July celebrations this year.

Then the question is... What are we doing for Independence day this year? Personally, I will be going to a birthday party for my friend's son (which means I will be spending money on the holiday for a gift) and then I plan to check out the Waterloo Mayor's fireworks from my car. What will you be doing? Whatever it is, don't be too upset about missing big celebrations, this just means you will save some money this year!

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