DSummer is here and in Iowa that means it's also yard sale season! The main reason why a lot of people will NOT sleep in on Saturdays. But how early should you arrive at one? That's covered below.

I did a little crowd-sourcing and learned of EIGHT things you shouldn't do at an Cedar Valley yard sale... or really ANY yard sale, for that matter.

So here we go:

1. 'If there's an unopened can of pop on a table, it's NOT for sale... it belongs to someone working the sale. Don't touch!'

1A. Same rule if it's opened...

2. 'Don't smoke on my property. Especially flicking your butts onto my grass or driveway!'

3. 'Don't talk me down on something priced at .50 cents. I'm NOT going lower... it's only .50 cents!'

4. 'Do not sneak something valuable into a box of cheap junk, hoping the seller won’t notice and then buy the whole box for a buck!' (This ol' tired trick still work anywhere?)

5. 'Showing up with a flashlight before I have even had my first cup of coffee.' (First three cups for me...)

6. 'Ask if they have layaway.'

7. 'Try to buy $3 worth of stuff with a 100.00 bill.' (I say just say you can accept the $100, but can't make change. Boom.)

8. 'Strip down and try on the clothes.' (Ew!)

Are there more? Lay 'em on me!

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