I am back with another Iowa haunted destination for all of my Halloweenies out there! Now this one should come as no surprise that a cemetery is haunted. I mean dead bodies buried in the ground, what do you expect? Of course, hauntings are going to come about and this Iowa Haunted Cemetery is no different.

Mars Hill Church and Cemetery may be considered one of the creepiest spots in Iowa today. Mars Hill Church is a log cabin church in Ottumwa, Iowa and it is the only one of it's kind still in use in America. Not only that, but the church is also the largest log building in Iowa which of course attracts many tourists to visit the area every year. While some tourists may come to visit for this reason alone, it is actually the rich history of the log cabin church and the stories of hauntings that attract visitors.

You see, the Mars Hill Church and Cemetery used to be a stop on the Underground Railroad and because of this there is the belief that it is haunted by some of the slaves whom never made it to freedom. Not only that but the cemetery also holds at least one veteran from every single American war. Of course this all can add up to a lot of hauntings over the year but what makes it worse is some of the visitors actions in the cemetery. There have been reports of ritual masses occurring in the middle of the night in the cemetery with pentagrams and candles left behind.

Add all this up and you understand why it is considered one of the creepiest spots in Iowa but a good haunt for all to check out this Halloween season. Check out more haunted destinations in Iowa here.

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