Our next haunted house in Iowa pick is here and you really shouldn't be surprised it used to be a mental hospital- that seems to be where all the haunts are.

Edinburgh Manor wasn't always a mental institution though. Edinburgh Manor, located in Monticello Iowa was originally known as the "County Poor Farm" in 1840 where the poor, incurably insane and disabled could work farming the land for shelter and food at the property. The tenants would farm the agriculture and handle the livestock. The poor farm was open from 1850 until 1910. During this time, there are 150 plus deaths recorded because farming was more rough during this time, especially for those not built for the task.

Once the poor house closed in 1910, it was demolished and Edinburgh Manor was then constructed on the grounds. The Manor was used to house the incurably insane, poor and elderly until November of 2010. Once the county decided it was too costly for repairs, they closed the Manor down and to this day it looks like a ghost town of exactly how everything was left the day everyone left for the last day. Medical files and personal belongings can still be found there as if people still go to work every day.

Of course with all this history, there is bound to be a lot of paranormal sightings, right? Today people can go to the Manor for private ghost hunting tours which many paranormal experts have documented different noises, orbs and moving objects. However, if you go the spirit to watch out is one that some have nicknamed "The Joker." "The Joker" is a spirit that is known to show has orbs or dark shadows in different rooms and taking it even as far as trying to choke visitors.

If you are brave enough to visit this haunt it is $200 for up to 5 people to attend, and you can add extra friends for just $40 per person and you must make plans early because the days fill up! Check out more here.

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